Feb 3, 2012

Asian Pear Polyculture for Alluvial Silty Sand in Texas

This is a progressive and dynamic polyculture. The plant niches change over time to accommodate the over-story.
Tree spread is unlikely to achieve full breadth due to pruning until well established with the other plants moving out of progressing shade.        

Plant List  Soil - Silty Sand, pH 5.5-6, Zone 9
#   Name                           Spread         Height          Scientific name                                Plant Type
1   Asian Pear                      40                40             Pyrus pyrifolia                                  Deciduous Tree
2   Elderberry                      12                 12             Sambucus nigra canadensis             Deciduous Shrub
3   Russian Sage                  36                 60             Perovskia atriplicifolia                    Perennial
4    Purple Coneflower         30                 48             Echinacea angustifolia                   Perennial
5   White Clover                  18                   8             Trifolium repens                             Perennial
6   Bachelor's Button           12                  18            Centaurea montana                          Perennial
7   Strawberry                      18                 12             Fragaria ananassa                            Perennial
8   Miner's Lettuce               12                 12           Claytonia perfoliata                          Annual
9   Quince                             25                 25           Cydonia oblonga                              Deciduous Tree
10 Chicory                           18                 48            Cichorium intybus                            Perennial
11 Comfrey                          48                36           Symphytum officinale                        Perennial

Ecological Services
Wildlife Habitat, Insecticide, Insectory, Mulch Maker, Nurse, Soil Cultivator, Water Purifier, Wildlife Food
Dynamic Accumulator
Domestic Animal Forage, Insecticide, Insectory, Insectory, Dynamic Accumulator, Reclamator, Wildlife Food
Domestic Animal Forage, Insecticide, Insectory, Mulch Maker, Nitrogen Fixer, Nurse, Erosion Control, Groundcover, Wildlife Food
Dynamic Accumulator
Wildlife Food
Biomass, Compost, Dye, Food, Medicine
Domestic Animal Forage, Chemical Barrier, Insecticide, Insectory, Mulch Maker, Dynamic Accumulator, Water Purifier

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Kevin and Jen said...

Which way is South in the polyculture image?

Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design

Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design
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A Ten Acre Farm Transformed to an Edible Forest Garden
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