Nov 30, 2011

Season Extension Totes

Storage and harvest all summer and now protecting the plants like green houses cloches.  Broccoli  is still producing in 10 degree weather. If we had the cover on the dome it would be even warmer. Condensation on the walls in the morning waters the soil too.

The really deep ones are the best, though they will need to be staked down for the windy weather.

I am sure we could have great season extension of all the plants in the garden that do not mind the low light.

Days are short and we are getting around 40% brightness relative to the July Sun angle.


Robbnhood said...

I appreciate the great idea with the totes. The timing is perfect. I'll use the totes with the Christmas decorations. It might look funny if I keep them up till February though.

My next winter permaculture experiment will be to keep my peppers alive. I hear they can become a bush. Perrenializing annuals. I like the sound of that.

Daniel Halsey, SouthWoods Forest Gardens said...

I used to re-pot my peppers, cut them back, and bring them in the house for winter. They turned into little bonzai trees. That worked three years and then a very late frost took them away. They would even flower and set fruit in the house in winter have have little tiny peppers.

Robbnhood said...

I love It. Only in permaculture will you find a "Bell Pepper Bonzai." I'm curious. After winter, did you re-plant the peppers in the garden or keep them potted inside or out?

Move over poinsettia, Bonzai Peppers are coming to town.

I look forward to reading more of your tips. What are your experiences with over-wintering Broccoli?


Daniel Halsey, SouthWoods Forest Gardens said...

The peppers went back into the ground, they seemed very resilient.

Broccoli? I may just go pot them up too. Why not? I'll let you know how it goes.

Bryce Ruddock said...

Ouch its cold there . In SE Wisconsin we have yet to see temps as low as 25F. This week it will happen. Our broccoli is still in the garden and unharvested along with some carrots and parsley root. Hope to get to them all by mid week. Last winter we were able to harvest broccoli , kale and even lettuce unprotected from frost on Jan 1. It was unusual as everything is normally froze out by early Dec.
The kales and hardy mustards make it through nearly every winter here if buried in the snow.
Bryce Ruddock in South Milwaukee WI.

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Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design
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A Ten Acre Farm Transformed to an Edible Forest Garden
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