Jul 7, 2009

PRI-CC Presents, Insect Management in Gardens and Edible Landscapes

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Insect Management in Gardens and Edible Landscapes
Presented by Entomologist Neil Cunningham, MDA


PRI Production Assistants: Daniel Halsey and Julianne Love

Register online for this 3-part lecture series and save over 33%!  Or attend 1 or 2 of the lectures and pay at the door.

When and Where : All lectures are 7-9pm in the Auditorium (Room #150) on the main floor 
of MCAD (MN College of Art and Design), 2501 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis 

Wednesday, September 9 
A bit of biology, a bit of ecology, basic overview of biocontrols.

    * Insect characteristics and life cycles
    * Plants we love and the pests that eat them
    * Species identification and stages of management
    * Common insect pests in local gardens

Wednesday, September 16
Specifics of solving pest problems using predator/parasitic wasp complexes and/or multispecies releases of predatory mites; the process of ordering bio-agents from biocontrol suppliers; and how alternative pesticides like insecticidal soaps, hort oils, and kaolin clays work physically on insects - in contrast to synthetic pesticides that function as nerve toxins.

    * Natural pesticides, soaps, and clays
    * Beneficial insect predators and parasites
          o Multi-species release and biocontrols
          o Seasonal management techniques
          o Sources for beneficial insects

Wednesday, September 23
A long-term view of biological control : the importance of creating habitat, and how plant diversity enables the insect diversity needed for natural control of pest populations.

    * Fall and Spring garden prep for insect management
    * Building habitat for beneficial insects
          o Using plant diversity for insect diversity
          o Attracting beneficial insects with Insectory Islands
          o Building an Insectory Island and insect habitat


How to Register:  PRICES BELOW ARE FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES OF 3 LECTURES!  Click the appropriate button below to register in advance for all 3 lectures at a discounted series price.

If you want to attend one or two of the lectures, please pay at the door.  (Price at the door: $15 per lecture for members, $20 per lecture for non-members.)

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Questions? Please contact Dan Halsey. 

SouthWoods Forest Gardens
Spring Lake Township, Minnesota

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Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design
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