Nov 25, 2008

Slow Solutions seem to be the last thing we attend.

Everything is in a relationship.
Everything takes time.
I have a problem taking the time to build relationships.
But I find well built relationships take less time to maintain,
or should I say, maintain themselves.
Hours spent designing a plant guild are well invested.
The relationship between the plants will be self perpetuating.
With the plants, it is the relationships that allow them to grow.
There are many incompatible pairs of plants, whole groups of them.
They have a "toxic" relationship. From a distance they flourish,
pairing up with others that help them thrive and fill a niche.
As I plan the gardens of 2009, each plant is getting full attention.
Assessing size, root, characteristics and facilitative properties that support the other plants.
Like a dinner table, they will be seated for civil conversation. Like great Jazz.
This is what winter is for.
Putting pencil to paper and thinking about next years harvest.
Pulling out the seeds, that three ring binder or tablet where we keep our notes.
Looking at last years drawing or drawing it again. Beginning the Keyhole Chess game of plant positions.
Sketching out the garden's first draft, second, and playing with a new shape, the sun and new paths.
Time well spent. Less apprehension about the new year.

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Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design

Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design
Getting to know your property, the plants you have and those you can grow, is a fulfilling endeavor. With most I am the steward of the land. I give them good soil biology and they do the rest. If I group them in cohesive plant communities, they respond with greater yields. If I encourage the micro-organisms (Fungus and bacteria) , the roots obsorb more nutrients making a pest and disease resistant plant. A stronger plant that gives us more organic food and takes less energy.

A Ten Acre Farm Transformed to an Edible Forest Garden

A Ten Acre Farm Transformed to an Edible Forest Garden
Self Renewing Fertility, Soil Building, Water Catchment, Tea Trail Swale, Erosion Control and Native American Medicinals