Mar 28, 2007

Little Signs of Change

Not is a bad way.

Heard on a Scott's Lawn Commercial.
"Mow your lawn at the highest setting for a healthier lawn."
(Right now mine is set at 10". High enough? Big mower, I just wish I could
collect the clippings for compost)
I would be interested to hear other things that are out there.
Small changes in vocabulary and emphasis.
MPR uses eco-verbiage more and more.

Monday I planted 20 Willows from Diadra. Thanks Diadra.

I found the ground is still frozen under the deep grass out back.
Using the Penitrometer, (Yes Guy, I still have it) I could feel where the
ice is.

Using a rope for radius and stakes as a markers, I am planting a living
structure that will someday be a nice shelter near the wetland shore.
An advancing crop of Poplar will also make a good grafting project and
another shelter. ( in 5-10 years)

I ordered 100 lbs of Bentonite. It seems the recipe calls for 2-6 lbs per
sq. ft. of bottom surface area. I need to stop that seepage ASAP.
I will also trowel Bentonite/clay mix over the back side of the dam, as the
water is low. I hope the submerged plants don't mind.

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Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design

Permaculture and Polyculture Consulting and Design
Getting to know your property, the plants you have and those you can grow, is a fulfilling endeavor. With most I am the steward of the land. I give them good soil biology and they do the rest. If I group them in cohesive plant communities, they respond with greater yields. If I encourage the micro-organisms (Fungus and bacteria) , the roots obsorb more nutrients making a pest and disease resistant plant. A stronger plant that gives us more organic food and takes less energy.

A Ten Acre Farm Transformed to an Edible Forest Garden

A Ten Acre Farm Transformed to an Edible Forest Garden
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